Welcome to Trinity Precision & Arms, Inc!hunter and dog

AR-15We are a licensed firearms manufacturer located inside Smith’s Hydraulic, Inc in Claxton, GA. You’re still visiting the same family as before, we’ve just formed Trinity Precision to run our firearms operations.

People often ask why we picked the name “Trinity Precision,”  and we are glad they do. We chose our name for three reasons – all reasons we are incredibly proud of:

  • We are a devout Christian family who confidently believe in the Holy Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We are glad to spread the word and know that in both our professional and home life, we are watched over by a loving God.
  • Our family has grown in and around the Trinity Church of the Nazarene just a few miles out of the tiny town of Bellville GA. With the name “Trinity Precision” we wanted to pay respects to the church our family was saved and baptized in. Just a little way of giving back for all of the good our faith has brought us over the years.
  • Lastly, Smith’s Hydraulic and Trinity Precision & Arms consists of three families in one: William & Shirley (the founders of Smith’s Hydraulic), Chris Deloach and his family, and Michael Smith along with his family. So for us, using Trinity in the name just made sense! As for the “Precision” part, precision is what Smith’s Hydraulic has been all about since the beginning back in 1983. Just like in manufacturing and repairing hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, precision is what we want you to see in every firearm we produce.
  • “When you see the name Trinity Precision, we want you to think of God, Family, and Guns (in that order)!”


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